Monday, October 16, 2006

Easy street

As I've mentioned many times, we're in the home stretch to the big day. So we're just supposed to do easy runs this week. Good thing what with being sick and gimpy.

Tina and I headed out to Shinn pond to squeeze in a short easy run before dark. Of course we brought the pooches, Teva and Bam, to stretch their legs too. Right away Teva started limping and we thought it would be the shortest run on record, but she seemed to be okay so we trudged on. My hip felt good through the run, the dogs mostly behaved, I wasn't snorting up too much gunk. Bam's stubborn streak was in full bloom, but other than that she was pretty good. Teva met the dog park gang and was a little intimidated, but then seemed to get along okay.

Lots of dog related stopping and starting on the run: 3.12 miles in about 40 min.

The trouble hit me later in the evening. I went to get out of the truck and noticed how achy my hip was. From a short easy run. I don't know what's going to happen on Sunday. I think I need to pound some NSAIDs and apply some heat. Hopefully I won't have to crawl across the finish line. But I will if I have to. Believe it. I'm getting that little blue box. :-)

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