Monday, October 16, 2006

Nike ruminations

We're now in the single digits for the Nike countdown. Points to ponder:

1) Still sick, dammit. Got 6 more days to keep pushing the Vit C.

2) To run with music or without music? I think Tina's gonna' kick ass and I'll end up running alone, so I'm leaning towards music.

3) Will my hip recover in the next 6 days, or will I be "limp-along" for the marathon?

4) I will cross the stupid finish line, but will I make my 5:30 target? Or since I'm under the weather and wounded should I forget about the time?

5) Why am I doing this again?

Okay, enough! Got to start the positive talk and get pumped up. It's hard when I feel crappy tho. Send all good vibes to Kris prior to Oct 22. Thx.

1 comment:

fishsprout said...

1. We proved on Saturday we can still kick butt while sick! Nike, here we come, sick or not!

2. Leave it! I'll make sure to sing all 26.2 miles! Wheeee!

3. Rest! Rest! Rest! Don't let ego overrule good judgement!

4. Set your goals low, then you always win! Ha!

5. Because you can! Because you aren't sitting in a hospital fighting for your life! Because millions of others out there are depending on us! Because we need to find a cure! Oh, and, because you need to prep for your upcoming half ironman! :-p