Saturday, June 06, 2009


Work has been totally crazy for the last couple weeks.  I thought it would quiet down last week, but no such luck.  Keeping my fingers crossed that a break comes soon.  I *think* the next big deadline will be mid-July, but hard to say.

Next week will be my biggest training week yet.  It's almost turning into a part time job, and with work what it's been, I'm going a bit nuts.

Even with all the training my weight is climbing.  I'm pretty sure it can't all be muscle.  I think I need to clean up my diet, but that's even harder when work is so insane.  I tend to work, work, work, and by the time I eat, I'm so hungry I grab whatever's close at hand.  And that's not always the best fuel for the body.

It may just be my year for lottery luck...or raffle seems I *may* have won a trip to San Diego to meet Natalie Coughlin.  I entered a contest being put on by H2O audio and got an email on Friday that I won the grand prize.  I wasn't able to contact the person yet though, so we'll see if I meet their contest requirements and get the prize.  Evidently not included in the prize is an H2O audio system though, which is kind of a bummer.  I would love to have music while I swim my umpteen laps.

Not much else to report at this point.  Workout, work, sleep, repeat.  Sometimes it's workout, work, workout, sleep, repeat.   Squeeze in the eating and dog walks as I can.   But you know...basically that's it.....

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