Thursday, June 11, 2009


My brother called on Sunday to catch up. And in 'catch up' I mean he wanted me to hook him up with my supplier. Easy people, we're talking Apple products here. His computer died and they'd been checking out the iMacs at a local store. And he just so happened to know that I have a dealer in my house. Sleeping in my bed, matter of fact. Yeah, hubby works for Apple, so he can get discounts for "friends and family". Which often means complete strangers he tries to convert. You *will* be assimilated.

But back to the story....

Middle woman (me) conveyed said order to husband, who ordered the *gorgeous* iMac on Monday. By this evening it was sitting on Rob's desk and after a few minor glitches we were iChatting. Using iChat. Wotever. So.Much.Fun. We were like two little kids at Christmas...well, four if you count the spouses. But I have to say, they weren't quite as enthralled as my brother and me. What will be even more fun is to see how the girls will take to iChatting with Aunt Kris. Spencer I *think* will get a kick out of it, but I'm fully expecting Parker to blow me off. Yeah, she's a busy 2 year old with places to go and people to sing to.

On tap this weekend...10+ hours of workouts. And lots of eating. Hopefully some sleeping. But that's all I'm planning for. Oh, and BTW, some sunshine and summery weather would be much appreciated. Thanks. Have a great weekend everyone!

Oh, almost forgot......KUDOS to my Aunt who finished her second triathlon ever last weekend! AND averaged more than 16 mph on the bike! NICE!

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