Thursday, June 11, 2009

Run big

What follows a rest week? Anyone? Anyone? Yes...a big build week. So lots of workouts, lots of hours this week. On a rest week, it's "okay" if you drop or miss a workout. It's all about the recovery. Not so much on a build week. A purpose for every workout.

So a speedy run (well, as "speedy" as I get) on Monday, a 2 hour trainer ride on Tuesday (with intervals...of course) and a 3k yard swim yesterday. Today, run big. On tap: 2-1/2 to 2-3/4 hours. Easy effort, but long. A few things I've managed to forget in the weeks since my last long run:

Body Glide: You have to use it for it to work. Yes, I have an *impressive* welt along my back from my amphipod belt. Ouch.

Water stops: When you're running unsupported, you need to plan your water stops. And carry a lot of crap, er, gel and salt.

Ice baths are my friend: 15-ish minutes in the cold/icy water and my legs aren't nearly as sore as they could be.

Anything approaching 3 hours is a long time to be running....even if you've already done a marathon this year.

And evidently something I still need to work on....hydration. I lost more than 2 pounds on this run. Even when I drank more than 60 oz over 2-1/2 hours. And yes, that is a *bad* thing. So now I have to try to push 32 oz/hour when I run. I wonder if I could just hook up an IV and carry it along with me.

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