Friday, March 20, 2009

Off and on

Early this week my brother sent me a text that the Illinois Marathon could be canceled due to lack of volunteer participation. What?!?! It's less than 4 weeks out and they want to cancel?!?!?!

They had some pretty good news coverage of the need for more people though, and the response was awesome. I think they ended up surpassing their goal by about 100 people. Nice. I was thinking they should have drafted a bunch of the U of I students, but I guess it's better to have volunteers than surly draftees. :-)

So tomorrow I will be reattempting my last long run prior to race day, 3 hours 15 minutes maximum run time. If I can hit 18 miles I will be *ecstatic*. More likely it will be shy of that. My brother will be doing his max distance run to date....20 miles! Here's hoping for good weather for both of us. Rob, you'll do awesome, I'm sure!

This week has been *great* exercise-wise. I think I'm just so glad to have the sinus infection cleared up, to be healthy, and to be moving without feeling exhausted all the time. Stay tuned to see if I can maintain this attitude after being on my feet for 3+ hours tomorrow. My bet is....unlikely, but I shall do my best. At the very least I hope I don't want to cry like I did on my last long run. I'll call that a win. :-)

Happy Friday!

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fishsprout said...

Sicko... "great"... shudder... :)