Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mom knows

Sometimes mom really does know best.  I've been dealing with this 'cold' for about 4 weeks.  Which, after my mom pointed it out, was obviously not possible.  A cold doesn't last for 4 weeks.  Man, where has my head been?  Of course.  It started as a cold but is now a lovely sinus infection.  Perfect.  I have a tendency for sinus problems anyway, so I should have realized what was going on.  The cold blocked my sinuses up and then when I couldn't get it unblocked turned into a sinus infection.   So I made an appointment with my primary care doc, but he can't see me for a week.  I *hope* to be better by then.  I've finally got my sinuses open and draining (TMI?) so hopefully I'm moving in the right direction now.  I the pool water getting up there and making things worse?  Hmmmm......

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