Sunday, March 15, 2009

Easing back

Well, I'm finally easing back into things while recovering from the damnable sinus infection. Just to be safe, I've also scheduled an appointment with my sinus surgeon/ENT/sleep doc extraordinaire. I'm just not sure I trust the primary care doc's antibiotics. After all my sinus trouble, just my luck I'd have Cipro resistant bacteria. Also, I've read some troubling reports of Cipro side effects such as.....burst tendons. Yeah, sounds like fun eh? So combine that with my troubled foot and I'm a nervous wreck about it.

An easy, easy indoor spin on Friday. Followed by an easy, easy (walk up the worst hills) run with Bam at Garin on Saturday. And an easy, easy, drag the poor tired dog along, run today. See how happy she was at Garin?

Yeah, not so much today. I think today was a "Hey! I'm 70+ people years old, ease up!" kind of day for her. As for me, I gotta say it's good to be moving again. No matter how slowly. Nothing like being sick and tired for 5+ weeks to make you appreciate movement. Cheers folks!

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