Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Remember fun?

With all the training that's been going on this summer, I haven't really done activities "just for the fun of it." And I haven't been taking Bam running with me for a couple of reasons: 1) she had some limping issues and I've been afraid to get her back out there and 2) the times/distances have just been too long for her.

With my half marathon coming up this week, I've been sort-of tapering. (And sort of trying to squeeze everything in that I can early in the week so I can take a day or two off prior to the run on Sunday.) So in the spirit of a sort-of taper and to get Bam back out there for a test jog, I got up before the heat hit this morning and took her out to the mostly shady Garin trail. We cut a few corners and our pace wasn't exactly blistering, but I didn't want to push her too much on our first run together in a while. We were just jogging along and it was still fairly cool and she was so smiley and hey, look at that, we're actually having FUN! Now we just keep our fingers crossed that no limping occurs!

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