Sunday, July 27, 2008

One hot ride

If you follow the adventures of T then you'll know she had a professional bike fit last week. And if you're a regular follower of the adventures of T and Kris then you'll know that typically what one of us does, both of us do.

So, I visited with Curtis too and got some adjustments to Ruby. A smidge narrower bars, a longer stem, a higher seat that moved backwards and aero bars. Yep, I'm gettin' aero. Oh, and he also recommended I take the suitcase off the back of my bike. Okay, it's just a tail bag, but a seriously big tail bag. He saw it and asked me, "Do you race with that?" I sheepishly said yes. He informed me that I could probably gain 1/2 mile an hour up a hill if I ditched it. Also he said that in biking weight=$$ (because lighter things cost more) and I had the equivalent of somewhere around $1000 lugging that weight around. So no more racing with the tail bag!

He also assessed my mechanics and worked up a list of exercises and stretches for me. I have very tight hamstrings and some VERY tight spots through my back, but I'm mostly pretty flexible which is good.

See below for the almost finished product. She's beautious no? :-)


fishsprout said...

Hey look at that... she matches your blog ;)

Phil said...

man! now I want to see Curtis too!