Tuesday, July 08, 2008

One or the other

Well, I'm either getting faster in my swimming, or I'm miscounting and losing track of my laps. I'd put my money on the second one, but anythings possible I guess. I did a 3000 yard swim this morning, including some drills and speed work, and even with the rest intervals it took me just over an hour. Not too shabby.

Occasionally I can really feel that I'm gliding through the water, but it's a fleeting thing. I know my breathing needs more work. I still usually have both eyes out of the water. And I can't focus on all of the elements at once for very long. If I work on breathing then my body turn slacks off, or if I work on turning my body then my recovery gets screwy, or if I focus on a relaxed recovery then my kick goes away. Yes, I sometimes just drag myself through the water with my pull. Hey, it works in a wetsuit. :-) Anywhoo, I'm continuing to work on putting it all together and I'm enjoying it more and more.

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