Tuesday, February 12, 2008


That's what I did tonight....a reverse brick. I was supposed to bike (or in my case spin) for 12 miles in an hour or less according to the training schedule. I was hoping to leave work early enough to walk Bam while it was still light then hop on the trainer and get my 12 miles in.

Well, as usual, I didn't get out of work as early as I hoped. Darkness was going to fall before I could get Bam walked. So, I decided that we'd speed things up a bit by going for a little run. Just a nice easy run to get my girl and me some exercise. She cracks me up...she gets so excited when she hears "Wanna go for a run?" I wish I could get that excited about exercise. Then again, maybe I could if I spent 20 hours of the day sleeping.

So, I hoofed it with Bam for about 4.2 miles in a little over 42 minutes. Surprisingly she was NOT lagging behind on the way home. I think she was ready for dinner. :-) But sadly, dinner had to wait while I did a quick change of shoes and shorts and hopped on the bike to put in my 12 miles. It was kind of slow going, but I covered the 12 miles in about 55 minutes.

I have to say that I think a reverse brick is easier than a regular brick. Well 'easier' relatively anyway. And are you ready for this....hold onto your shorts.....I actually really enjoyed my run tonight. Maybe because it wasn't on a schedule anywhere. I was just running with my girl. No time goal, no distance goal. Just go until it was starting to get dark, then turn around. Now if I could just keep that attitude with *training* runs. I'm going to have to work on that.

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fishsprout said...

Awesome... I see Nike & Big Sur in your future! Schweet Schwag!