Thursday, February 07, 2008

Dead sensor

Well, I may have figured out my Nike+ issue. It's giving me a 'sensor battery low' warning. So maybe the sensor has been dying for a while and that's why it was bonking on me. I asked my favorite Apple employee about getting me a new one, so we'll see if that works out. :-)

Been taking it a little bit easy this week to see how the knee would do. I think it's almost back to normal. Almost. I still get a 'tweak' once in a while, but it held up yesterday to jump squats and lunges. Good sign.

T and I signed up for a 65 mile bike ride that's coming up on April 5. We should be riding about 80 miles a week according to the training schedule, so we're a *wee bit* behind on that one.

I spun my wheels on the trainer for 8 miles on Tuesday and did a 4 mile run yesterday. Oh, and did Pilates Tuesday and Thursday, and worked with the trainer on Monday and Wednesday. And this is an easy week?!?! Sigh, no wonder I'm so tired. I'm thinking tomorrow is gonna be a rest day. Schweet. :-)

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