Thursday, January 12, 2012

thursday thoughts

A quick jumble of things going on (either in my head or in real life):

  • Bam and I are having a battle.  I think she's winning.  She goes out and digs up the dirt onto the pavers, I go out and sweep it back into the dirt area.  She goes out the next time and I imagine her thinking, "What the hell?!?!  I know I dug that up already!"  And digs it up again.  Rinse, repeat.  Yeah, she's definitely winning.
  • Training is going...pun intended...swimmingly.  I have moments of feeling all glidey-glidey in the pool.  And I feel like I may actually have some biking legs this year.  Best of all I think my Fizik saddle has finally given in and conformed to my, ahem, parts.  Ahhhhhh.
  • I occasionally have moments where I slap my head and say "WHAT was I thinking signing up for an ironman."  Yes, already.
  • I was told the other day that I may want to consider the idea that while I have A LOT of heart, I will probably never be fast.  To that I say, "Thank you.  And fast is relative."  I just want to be fast compared to the previous versions of me.  I'm not so deluded that I think I'll ever be "fast".
  • I added an early season duathlon to my schedule.  To any of you locals who are familiar with the 3 Bears bike ride, that will be the bike section.  Yes, I may have lost my mind completely.
  • Work is stressing me out.  I've said it before and I'll say it again....for a tiny (30-ish people) company, there is more disfunction than I thought possible.  But as my friend says, "We put the 'fun' in disfunction."  Yeah, *something* like that.
  • I had lunch with my former coworker, and friend, that was diagnosed with lymphoma last year.  He is doing FANTASTIC.  In remission and planning his comeback to triathlon this summer at the South Maui Olympic.  He's doing it with Team in Training and is their Honoree.  So, so happy for him.
  • My appetite has increased a lot lately.  So I'm eating more.  Which is evidently okay, as coach tells me I should *not* be sitting at race weight right now.  Of course in my usual OCD manner, I am taking that very seriously and eating.  And eating.  And eating.  So it will not be long before I am very far from race weight.
  • And lastly, I *may* have indulged once too often in a peppermint mocha this holiday season.  I got this in the mail:
Yes, I am a gold card holder for Starbucks. 


Molly said...

Wow. Starbucks really really loves you. :-)

I've been hungrier lately too. I'm not sure I've really earned it yet though.

Jo Lynn said...

The dog *always* wins. Don't you know that by now? ;)