Tuesday, January 17, 2012

ode to rest week

Oh rest week, how do I (mostly) love thee?  Let me count the ways......

  1. Dear rest week, you allow me to meet up with awesome people like JoLynn (as long as the rain holds off tomorrow) for fun stuff like trail running.  And she brings The Amazing Boomer for an extra dose of awesome.
  2. Lovely rest week, you give me "naked" workouts so I can practice not obsessing over my pace/distance/HR numbers.
  3. Beautiful rest week, you offer some challenges like bike tests, which I'm looking forward to since my bike legs feel like they've been coming around.
  4. Awesome rest week, you give me reason to tell my trainer, "Soooo sorry, gotta' take it easy, it's rest week." Altho I do not recommend wearing any "Iron" workout gear during this negotiation.  That will invariably elicit comments to the effect of "Are you an Ironman or a mouse?!?!" *ahem* Or so I've heard.
  5. Amazing rest week, you free up HOURS and HOURS of my day.  Wait a minute.  Where are my hours and hours of free time?  I guess nature really does abhor a vacuum, as whatever 'free' time I have is automagically filled in with activities.
  6. Dearest rest week, all because of you I'm able to stay awake long enough to watch an *entire* movie.  (As long as it's not one of the scary ones the husband prefers.....)
  7. And mostly rest week.....you prepare me to tackle the next weeks of challenges that the ELF has prescribed for me.  You make me say.... BRING.IT.  (But not loudly enough for the ELF to hear, lest she actually BRINGS.IT.)

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Jo Lynn said...

I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed our naked workout together, with Boomer. ;)