Monday, July 13, 2009

Ups and downs

Yesterday was the Livestrong Challenge ride. And as you can see the course definitely had it's ups and downs. And ups. And ups.

I was really hoping for a better ride. I had my ups and downs. And downs. And downs.

I think I let myself get wallowed in negativity early on. Every time I do one of these big group rides (there were something like 3000 riders out there) I realize how much I dislike them. I hate being trapped between or behind other riders. Probably because I have control issues.....oh, like you're surprised by that. I couldn't get comfortable enough to get into my aero bars, which put my aero drink bottle out of reach, which in turn left me dehydrated and under fueled, which I think spiraled me down further.


There was the guy who had his daughter trailing off the back of his bike on one of those one wheeled attachments. When I said "hey, that's the way to go", he was quick to let me know that his girl worked hard back there, she wasn't just out for a free ride. They had done some pretty long rides, with some pretty impressive hills. Awesome.

Seeing all the cancer survivors out there giving it their all.

The course marshall on the ancient Schwinn cruiser who looked so entertained.

Our "friend" who we'd ride with for a while, then drop, then have him catch back up at the next aid station. For a while we shared the duty of cutting through the wind. After the big hill at Metcalf Road, we didn't see him again. Hope he made it all the way.

The volunteers and support on the course was awesome. Unbelievably well supplied aid stations, with bike mechanics at most of them. The best.

Getting up Metcalf with only one stop. On compact double gearing. And passing people who were walking while they rooted for me. Nice.

1.3 million dollars raised for Lance's foundation. Let's hope it gets cancer research moving along a little faster.


Probably too many to list.....

Just mentally down on this ride, as I've said. Not too many positive thoughts going through my head.

Stopping at all on Metcalf. I really wanted to push on, but gave up.

Not following my nutrition plans. I should know by now that things go much better if I'm fueled and hydrated. No? Really?

Getting passed by riders of all shapes and sizes. I hate being slow.

I'm working on getting over it. Letting it go. It's just a ride, not the end of the world. It doesn't make or break my IM training. There will be good rides and there will be bad rides. I think I'm just in a funk. Maybe some pie would help. Deliveries accepted. :)

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