Monday, July 20, 2009

Taper, taper

And so week 2 of "The Taper" officially begins.

Week 1 concluded with yesterday's 4 hour bike ride. Four hours, pfft. Nothing. (Wow, I never thought I'd say that!) Well, except for that stretch of Calaveras Road that seemed to go on MUCH longer than it *should* have. But then again we haven't ridden out there in quite a while. The hills were both easier and longer than I remembered. A strange combination, I know. And judging from my techie toys, I was taking it much easier than I should have been. Man, what a slacker I've become in taper!

I'm feeling both ready and petrified to get this first big event under way. A lot of packing to do between now and August 1. Good thing it's taper..only 7-1/2 hours of workouts this week. Plenty of packing and panicking time. :)

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