Thursday, July 02, 2009

Catching up

When I last posted I had just done a 90 mile ride.

Since then I've upped the ante and did a 111+ mile ride. Yep, just shy of the entire distance. How was it you ask? Well, honestly it was tough. I wanted to cry at some point, around mile 80, when my tush was unhappy and I realized we had about 30 miles left to go. Then we hit the final pit stop of the day and I found another gear. I was just so glad to be close to the end that I felt okay. In retrospect I'm really glad to have that one under my belt. Mentally I *know* I can survive for 112 miles on my bike. Will it be fun? No. Will it be enjoyable? No. But I can make it.

After that it was off to La Jolla for our weekend get-away. We left early Saturday morning and pretty much just crashed at the hotel and did a walk around the beaches. On Sunday we hopped on the tourist train and hit Sea World. I have to say it's quite a bit different than I remembered. The shows are not as spectacular. But it was a beautiful, sunny day and we had fun. On Monday we were going to head out to the Wild Animal Park, but Jeff really wanted to tour the Midway air craft carrier. So we headed down to the harbor and spent several hours doing the tour. It was pretty interesting and that ship is huge! But not so huge that I can imagine 4500 sailors aboard. Talk about cramped. And on Monday evening we had dinner with the H2O audio folks and Natalie Coughlin. Fabulous food, great conversation, and even a swim "tip" or two. All in all a very nice long weekend.

Flew home on Tuesday morning before dawn even cracked, I think. Straight to work, but at least its....REST WEEK! Woo hoo! "Only" a bit over 8 hours of workouts for the week....compared to the 14+ from last week, I'll take it. :)

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