Monday, May 11, 2009

And breathe

Last week was the second 'build' week in the IM training. This week I get to take a deep breath and allow my muscles to recover...I hope they do some recovering anyway.

The pattern pretty much repeats with medium swim on Monday, ride/run on Tuesday, long swim on Wednesday, ride/run on Thursday, rest on Friday, swim/run one day of the weekend and loooooong ride the other day.

Last Saturday T and I spent 6 hrs total in the saddle, altho some of that was waiting at stop lights, getting lost, stopping to get water, etc. It was toasty warm out there and I went through about 5 bottles of liquids (water and Gatorade) for a total of about 110 ounces. Yeah and I was still thirsty.

On Sunday I felt the effects of the long ride when we did a short run and my HR just wouldn't behave like it should. Had a hard time getting it to jump up when it should and supposedly that's a classic sign of exhaustion.

Oh, and here's something *not* to try. Evidently there's a good reason for doing the swim and then the run instead of the other way around. Getting a super tight wetsuit onto a sweaty body is exercise in and of itself. Probably didn't think about that one quite enough ahead of time. :)

Total workout time for the the neighborhood of 14 hours. This is seriously becoming a part time job, as my filthy house can attest to.

Coming up to cap off the rest week......a sprint tri. T and I are heading down to Morgan Hill to do the same tri we did last year (altho then it was called Uvas). Supposedly both Chris Lieto and Chris McCormack are supposed to be there so there should be some good tri bikes to drool over.

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