Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just over 44

No! Not me! Sheesh.

Just over 44 days until the marathon. I have to admit I'm a *wee* bit nervous. For my first two marathons my training consisted mostly of running. Now that I do more tris than running events, my training is a mixed bag. I wonder how I'll fare having spent less time on my feet for this one. Plus I'm running with my brother (his first marathon! rock it!) and our goal is a good bit faster than either of my first two. Granted, I think I'm *overall* in much better shape than when I did the first two, I'm just not sure how good my running "shape" is right now.

Last week was an easy week. This week I tackle 16 miles, which Rob did last week. Not that I feel any pressure to keep up with him or anything. You know, I'm just saying.....

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