Tuesday, December 11, 2007

A bit of spirit at last

For the first time in many years, we put up a Christmas tree! We usually travel to Illinois to visit my family and it just hasn't seemed worth the effort. I've done garland or a wreath before to get the smell of the tree but it just wasn't the same. So we broke down and got the whole tree this year. It's a nice little noble fir and smells wonderful. I only have a few decorations, but at least I have lights! It's almost as pretty with just the lights, but I put on the few decorations anyway. I don't have and haven't found a topper I like just yet, so it does look like somethings missing a bit, but it's still pretty. And it's putting me more in the spirit of the season. Now I just need to get on the ball with my shopping. Note to self....try to keep up the spirit in the midst of the shopping chaos. Uh, huh, good luck with that one. ;-)

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fishsprout said...

Remember... buy one gift for recivier, buy one gift for giver... repeat. :D

Hey, I know where you can find some extra decorations... it's spilling out of my rafters. haha.