Sunday, October 07, 2007

Next to last

Next to last event of the year, that is. Today was a little 5k in Palo Alto, the Running of the Bulls! Tina found this one on-line and it sounded like a kick so we gave it a go.

The bulls and cows are actually 'pro' runners, some ex-olympians, some college track stars, in other words FAST folks. The average, every day Joes and Janes get to start the race and the bovines are released every few minutes to run them down, just like in Pamplona. Supposedly for each bull or cow you beat, you get an extra raffle ticket. Schweet.

My pre-race time goal was 29 minutes. I wanted a sub 30 5k, and this was my chance. Forget 'fun' run, this was my next to last race of the year and I wanted a PR. The race director gave us the go ahead and we all took off. A little more than half a mile in I hear "MOOOOOOO MOOOOOOO". Dang! A bull passed us up that quickly. It's not looking good for that raffle. Soon enough another bull runs by pushing a calf in a stroller. Hmmm, that calf looks a little wind blown. I think that's one fast bull! It didn't take long for the cows to go flying by either. Who needs raffle tickets anyway?!? ;-)

It was a nice flat course mostly through the shady Palo Alto streets, but pushing my speed really wiped me out. Finishing time: 27:15. Woohoo!

We hung out waiting for the raffle and ate some of the awesome post-race food. While we were waiting we watched the kiddie races, starting with the one-year old age group all the way up to 11-12 year olds. Too cute, well the little ones anyway. ;-) They had no idea what they were running for, but they were out there running. Good job kids! Next up was the Black cow social.....root beer floats for everyone! Uh, how about that raffle?!?! Turns out the raffle was a scam! WHAT?!?! Okay, maybe not a scam, maybe just a 'misprint.' Aw well, it was still a really fun little local race.

Last race of the year in two weeks.....the Nike 1/2!

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