Friday, October 26, 2007

Starting Sucks...Or Am I Just Lazy?

I haven't quite figured out why it is that starting a run is so difficult for me. I feel good once I get out there and especially once I'm finished. I think while some people get runner's high I get finisher's high.

Anyway, I did a run at work on Tuesday which went okay. Then last night I got home from work with a plan to take Bam for a run. I started to talk myself out of it before I even got there. The excuses abounded..."I left work later than expected", "It's going to be dark before we get back", "Bam looks pretty tired (riiiiight)", "My Nano isn't charged". I quickly pulled on my running gear and out the door I went before my body started listening to my brain. We went to the trails at Garin and did the 'big' hill side, which Bam loves because she can be completely off leash.

It was good once I got out and moving. I saw some deer (besides Bam :-) and a flock(?) of wild turkey. And luckily no cows. They scare me, especially after the horror stories I've heard about them kicking and pinning dogs. I make Bam stick like glue to me around the cows.

I would have felt like a slug if I hadn't gone. And Bam obviously loves it, so I should feel guilty if I deprive her of a good romp. But the getting out there and getting started is just so tough for me, especially lately. Am I lazy? I don't *think* I am, but it's hard to say. You see I'm not that objective.

Maybe I just need a vacation. That's coming very soon. But then I worry about gaining weight and losing ground with all the effort I've been putting in. I don't know, maybe I need therapy instead of a vacation. :-D

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Phil said...

I don't think you're alone on the difficulties on starting a run. *raises hand*