Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Roll with it

I just experienced my second significant earthquake since we moved to the Bay Area in 1995, although I'm sure there have been others in the middle of the night, and little ones that I didn't notice. They're calling it 'moderate' with initial reports putting it at a 5.6 magnitude.

We didn't have anything fall off the shelves or anything, but there was a definite rolling motion and almost a rumbling, although I may have been imagining that part. It really is a bit unsettling and a very strange feeling. Jeff is still at work and I think they got rolled even more than we did here. He called to see if we were okay and said he almost got sea sick. Now that's some rockin' and rollin'.

Oh, and that thing about animals being able to 'sense' it coming? Yeah, not mine. She barely reacted at all until it was all over and then she just went outside to sniff around. That's my girl....just roll with it.

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