Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Missed Out

Looks like I won't be doing the Nike 1/2 this year as planned. Due to some glitch on Nike's part I didn't get the email that said registration was open. Evidently it started on March 1st and sold out all 20,000 spots (includes both 1/2 and full marathon) in 9 hours. Amazing. Everyone has found out about the Tiffany bling, I guess. Sigh. I'm pretty bummed about it. Of course, I'm so out of shape I couldn't run it if I wanted to....but hey, it's not until October. I COULD have gotten in shape to run it by then.

Oh, the email I DID get was the one saying "Hey, it's sold out, but you can enter the random drawing for one of 3700 spots in the 1/2 marathon." So I entered, but I can only imagine what the chances of getting in will be. And I only want to run it if Tina runs it too, so we'd both have to get 'randomly' picked. Fat chance, I think.

I could always get in through another year with TNT, but I'm not sure that I'm up to the fundraising again this year. I guess for now I'll just ask everyone to cross their fingers that BOTH Tina and I get picked. Oooo, oooo, pick me! Oooo, oooo, pick T! :-)

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fishsprout said...

Did you just call me fat? Man, being an athena is tough! :D