Thursday, November 30, 2006

Wish me speed!

Okay, I need all of you to send me speedy thoughts.

Tomorrow is my 'colleague day.' My company has this policy where you can pick an activity, say wine tasting, and if you can get at least 10 of your coworkers to agree to join you the company will allow a paid day off and give $50/person for the activity. You're allowed one paid colleague day/year. KUHL, no???

So my day is tomorrow and we are going Indoor Karting!

There are 30 people signed up, so we've been divided into 3 groups. One ultra-competitive and 2 less competitive. Anyone want to guess which group I'm in?? Anyone?? Anyone?? Bueller?? Okay, I'll tell you.....the ULTRA COMPETITIVE group. I can see that you're shocked beyond words.

But here's the catch, I'm the only woman and probably the lightest one. So although in theory my kart should have more speed, it will also tend to skid more. And the course we are probably going to be on is very curvy. So, more skidding. I think I'm doomed, but I am going to give it my all. And if I have to I'll bump some folks out of the way. ;-)

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