Wednesday, November 29, 2006


This week I started a new exercise experience. Boot camp!

I am using this as an alternative to personal training because 'our' trainer, Mike, at Bally's has gotten pretty expensive. Although Jeff is still working out with him and may continue to do so, I just can't see paying double. Boot camp is a 'smaller' class size and supposed to be challenging. My experience so far is that I like the variety and it is challenging, but no where near as challenging as a personal trainer. Or at least not as challenging as our personal trainer. It may sound gross, but at times when I've worked with Mike I've actually thought I was going to throw up. Okay, okay, I hear you saying "That's a bit of an extreme workout." And it might be over the line, but just slightly. What else am I paying him for if not to push me way more than I'd push myself?? I mean I've never worked out enough on my own to where I want to throw up....well except maybe with running. I've definitely wanted to throw up at times. Blah, enough about throwing up!

Anyway....boot camp. It's a good workout, but not exceptional. Also, I could probably do a lot of the same exercises on my own, or at the gym. But it's always good to learn new stuff and it is making me get out there in an attempt to stay in shape. Will I do another session? I don't know. So many activities, limited time. I still want to try Krav Magra lessons, but may have to wait until after the holidays to take full advantage of the free week. I'm all about the free samples.

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