Sunday, November 19, 2006

Take a Hike

Well, I see it's nearing a month since I last posted. We were on vacation for two weeks. Then trying to get back into the swing of things last week was pure hell. I know, excuses, excuses. I'll get some pics posted up of the trip, but probably not until this weekend.

Anyhoo..Tina, Matt, Bam, Teva, Hobie and I took off for Mission Peak this morning. It was a beautiful sunny day, not too hot, not too cold. Just right. We started off from Ohlone college. I had never been to the peak that way, I've only been up the Milpitas side. I think Milpitas is a little steeper, maybe shorter. It was a good hike tho for people and dogs. Bam was lagging a little by the time we got to the top, but quickly regained her energy for the trip down. She even had enough energy to go 'hunting' for ground squirrels when I let her off leash. She lost her off-leash privledges tho when she went up to a guy with two little kids and started begging for food from them. Silly dog, they were eating oranges!

Doh! I almost forgot the worst part of the whole hike! We made it all the way to the top and did we get to sit and relax and enjoy the view?!?! Hell no! There were nasty, gigantic, swarming gnats. They were all over us, all over the dogs, and when I started getting bit, I was ready to head out! So our reward for making it to the top was to almost immediately turn around and go back down. Bummer.

Total mileage: About 6.75 miles in 3 plus hours. A good hike. The dogs were mostly well behaved and so were the people. :)

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