Sunday, June 12, 2011

SV International Tri

A report of my participation in the Silicon Valley International Triathlon, in bullets (because I haven't posted in so long, I'm not sure I can string sentences together):

  • Sleeveless wetsuit was a good choice.  Not cold at all and my crappy, impinged, left shoulder much appreciated it.
  • Swim was changed to 2 loops from a 1 loop, confusing course.  More "contact" (polite way of saying got run over, kicked in the head, scratched) in this swim than in any other race I've ever done.  Including a mass start IM.
  • Felt flat for the first loop, but found a bit of a groove on the second.  Meh swim time, maybe the course was a bit long, as rumored.
  • First 10 minutes of the bike were really good.
  • Next 6+ minutes were spent on on the side of the road with a clusterfluff (no, I only *wish* it was the Ben and Jerry's variety) of a tire changing effort. Ending with an under-inflated front tire.
  • Mentally blew it after the tire change.  Checked out for a bit.  Including another stop when I swore the tire was leaking again.
  • Finally got pissed off at myself and my pity party and started to get my butt in gear.  Too little too late, I fear.  But I did manage to pass quite a few of the people who flew by while I was taking my unplanned rest break on the side of the road.
  • Did not eat or drink enough on the bike.  Too much time spent talking to myself I guess.
  • Am still waiting for a *good* race on the new bike.  Adjustment period has been much too long for my liking.  Between fittings and mechanicals, I am less than pleased.  Husband has already warned that I can not just replace it. (hee hee)
  • The fit now feels pretty dang good at least.
  • Coming off a bike under-fueled and with overly toasted legs does not lead to a good run.  
  • The last 1 - 1-1/2 miles were spent trying not to throw up. and trying to ignore my lightheadedness.  
  • The good news is that I did not pass out nor throw up.  Nor pass out in my throw up.....oh, wrong story.  Sorry.
  • No PR, no course PR, nothing today.  But if I subtract my rest period on the bike from my time, I would have had a course PR.  So that's *something* I guess.
  • On the run several people said something to me about my biking. I think maybe a woman standing on the side of the road (who was swearing, but only silently) makes an impression?  Not sure.  Impressed that I could actually change a tire? Who knows. Just kind of weird.
  • One part of me is incredibly frustrated at my year so far.  As I told my coach, even before this race, I feel like I've been "playing" with this new bike all year.  
  • Another part of me has moved on to the next race already.  This one is done.  And in the grand scheme, pfft.
  • Onward and upward.  Only one more sprint, then the big one, the half iron in September.
  • Perhaps the new bike fit/mechanics will all come together for the half. Wouldn't that be nice.

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Molly said...

So sorry that your mechanical screwed with your whole day :( I'm glad my impressions of the swim and run were shared though.