Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hump Day Miscellany

More bullets for your reading pleasure.  Maybe it's the zombie books I've been reading.  Bullets are appealing.
  • Two blog posts in one week.  I hope you haven't fainted from shock. 
  • I need to start using sunscreen more regularly.  Okay, I need to start using sunscreen.
  • Verdict is still out on my new boss, but as I told a coworker, I'm *less* pessimistic.
  •  I either need to chop my hair off or let it grow out.  This in-between length is just not a good look for working out.  Not that I care that much about how I look while working out.  But I could fly away on the wings of hair sticking out from under my hat/visor. 
  • I told my PT/bike fitter at my appointment yesterday that I haven't had a good race on my new bike yet.  "That's because you haven't had a race yet, without a flat, on the bike since I started working on it."  Gotta love his chutzpah.
  • He also gave me a gold star.  After only 2, or maybe it's 3, years of occasional visits, I've actually gotten my left rotator cuff into some semblance of normalcy.  Huh.  Guess those exercises really do work.  You know...if you do them.
  • Turns out that when one is training for an endurance event, cutting carbs from your diet is a bad idea.  I thought that as long as I was getting enough throughout the day I'd be ok not including carbs at dinner.  Evidently not.  Spacing them out is important for energy stores.
  • Training for the half IM will commence this week.  After a coach imposed reduced load period due to my brilliant "diet" and my crappy sleep pattern lately.  Yes, these things are related.
  • Only 80 days until the half IM.  Only 2 more tri's in the year.  Wow.  This year has gone by so fast.
  •  We are taking a trip back to Kona in October to volunteer at the IM. Bonus that just last weekend my coach qualified for Kona.  So again this year I'll have someone to cheer for.  Excellent.
  • I am so glad that I planned an earlier half marathon this year.  I plan to spend my time in Kona putting on my "post-season" weight.  Of course being the fattest person there might put a damper on that.  I swear it could give one a complex.  Or already did.  My workouts will be: snorkeling, paddle boarding, sitting on my butt on a boat, maybe diving, maybe driving Jeff around a golf course. Pau Hana time indeed.


Molly said...

I don't think you could look fat if you tried. I'm not sure it'll be any better that I'll be there in the midst of my IM-training bulk where you gain weight inexplicably. But it'll be Hawaii!!! :)

Jo Lynn said...

I too, need to decide if I'm going to cut my hair off or let it grow. My mind changes daily on that.
As it does on Ruby. I think I need to get on her! ;)

Colleen said...

Hey Kris... saw that you became a follower of my blog - thanks! :) I've added yours to my blog list too! YAY!

I love bullets... easiest way to get out the most random thoughts. That's awesome that you are going back to Kona - I'm going to blog stalk you and figure out when you were there already... maybe racing?!?!

Wear the sun screen girl! :) My mom had skin cancer and it ain't pretty. I've gotten in the habit - you'll still look cute... don't worry! :)

B.o.B. said...

Jealous about your trip to Kona. That sounds ah-mazing. And yes, I've notice those tri people sure are fit. LOL!