Thursday, February 17, 2011

Race season approacheth

Hard to believe....but there it is in black and first race of the season is now on my training schedule.  Three weeks from Sunday, a duathlon, the sprint version. And from there it's one race per month, except for July.  And that's only because one of the race companies had the audacity to change a race from July to May and mess up my schedule in the process. Really, they should have checked with me first.  I don't know what they were thinking.

Am I ready?  Yes, I think I am.  I did have a short pity party back in December when I did my bike test and had lost some bike fitness.  (We'll just skip right over the bike "test" last week, shall we? Been there, done that, hashed it out.)  But as coach reminded me, I had just come off a break, *and* had trained for a half marathon prior to that.  So, I shouldn't have expected to not lose any of my mad bike speed.  *cough, cough*  So if I look at things as objectively as I can, I am actually in a better place on the bike than where I started last year.  And my run is *quite* a bit better than where I started last year.  So, I'm expecting good things.

Of course there was the flutter of little wings in my stomach when I looked at my schedule and saw the race on there already.  Partly because I haven't ever done a duathlon.  And partly because it's a sprint....ow...ow...ow!  Once again it is time to test myself past self.

But there are still a few weeks of work between now and then.  Plenty of time to build up some bike fitness, pep up my legs a bit, get my head in a good place. Ready?!?

Bring it.

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Molly said...

Woohoo!!! It's hard to believe it's almost racing season with the weather we've had this week but it beats out the rest of the country for early race starts at least. I look forward to hearing what you think of that race - my bike guy does the timing for those events and was trying to get me to sign up. Above all else, HAVE FUN!