Thursday, April 01, 2010

Out like a lamb

March is all wrapped up.  Seriously?!?! Already?!?!  I guess time really does go by faster the older you get.  Truthfully there are days where I have *no* idea where the hours went.

Let's see...what do we have coming up......oh, definitely some fun stuff in April.

On the 11th, I'm taking a cupcake decorating class with the authors of:

I have the first book, Hello Cupcake, and am looking forward to getting some pointers on decorating.  No baking required for this class, so we can get right to the eating......err, decorating.  That's my kind of class.

Of course, on the 17th is Vineman Showdown sprint tri.  With water temps projected to be.....55.  Brrrrr.  Would it be wrong to wear *both* of my wetsuits?  Hmm, I wonder if that's even legal.  Sadly, I doubt they'd fit over the top of each other anyway.  Guess I'll just have to suck it up for the time it will take to traverse the .25 mile swim course.

And so far the last biggie on my calendar for April is on the 24th.  Bike handling skills 101.  The description is:

This 4-hour clinic is the foundation of everything else you'll learn on the bike. This is the clinic where we teach the old dogs new tricks and the newbies the fundamentals. You'll learn about balance and weight distribution and how that affects your ability to ride your bike safely and confidently. We'll learn skills like riding with no hands, emergency stops, and how to look behind you while holding your line, how to steer, and counter-steer. After just four hours, we guarantee you'll be a better bike handler and have much more fun on the bike.

The "riding with no hands" has me worried.  I seriously hope they don't expect me to be clipped in while learning that.  It could get *very* ugly *very* fast.  Coordination is not my strong suit (but slightly higher on the scale than patience).

And that will take me to the end of the month.  But that's getting *way* ahead of myself.

March hours all tallied up:

swim:   11.08
bike:      9.68
run:        8.29
strength: 8 
brick:     3
grand total: 40.05

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