Monday, April 05, 2010

Bike and bug

As I wrapped up last week I was feeling pretty fatigued.  A run after work on Friday in the wind and rain probably didn't help.  And wouldn't you know that if I had started just a half hour later I could've avoided the rain.  The sun came out about half way thru my run and a nice rainbow was my scenery as I headed back towards the car.

After roughly 11 hours of sleep Friday night, I felt better and like I'd be okay for my 2 hour ride with hill repeats.  I was tempted to hop on the trainer, but as the afternoon wore on and the sun came out, I hauled Ruby outside and we took off for the hill nearest the house, Palomares.  The road getting there, Niles Canyon, is a popular bike route, but also a little dicey.  There's a lot of traffic, especially later in the day, and at points the bike lane is non-existant.  But if you have to do hill repeats, why not enjoy this while you're doing them:

Up and down the hill I went three times.  Sweating it out on the way up, and taking my time heading down as to not get too chilled.  I let off the brakes a bit on the last time down and headed home.  A good ride with some great scenery.  I'm glad I hit the road instead of staring at the TV!

After the ride was some recovery, a bath for the filthy dog (much to her disgust), and some good Mexican food.  I felt pretty good and went to bed early again.  And then.....I woke up about 5:30 Sunday morning with a stuffy, stuffy nose, a scratchy throat, a headache, and very thirsty.  Oh no.  No.  No, I will *not* be sick.  I got up and downed some juice and headed back to bed.  Eventually got up and headed to breakfast, but was just feeling really fatigued.  Vitamins, infusions of tangerine juice, orange juice, anything to try and drown the bug into submission.  I had wanted to head to the mall to try and find a dress for my cousin's wedding, but was amazed to find that the mall was closed.  Seriously?!?! Since when does the mall *close* on Easter?!?  Maybe I just haven't been paying attention.  It's probably a good thing anyway, as we just headed home and I crashed and did nothing for the rest of the day.

Oh!  At breakfast there were two people in the waiting area with iPads.  I definitely *need* one.  Okay, maybe not need...want.  iLike.  iWant.   "Hi, my name is Kris and I'm an Apple addict."  Well, it kind of comes with the territory when the husband works there and brings toys home.  I'm waiting to see if an iPad shows up, but have been told not to hold my breath.  Guess this is one toy I may have to buy.'s worth it.  It can take the place of the Kindle I'd been eyeing.  

So, it comes to Monday evening and I'm feeling mostly back to normal. Some strange little bug that luckily departed almost as quickly as it showed up. I'll take that bit of luck, thankyouverymuch.

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Jo Lynn said...

Yay for you conquering Polameras! I need to get back up there. I'm glad your bug didn't stick around. I think we (people that stay active) have pretty good immune systems.
Looking forward to Saturday. ;)