Sunday, January 31, 2010

Downs and ups

Rest week has come to an end.  And what an end.....but that's the end of this story.

Work was a bit crazy, and of course everything wanted at the last minute, as we're having some big guests coming in this week.  Hopefully they don't expect me to dress up.  Jeans are my standard work attire.  And hopefully they don't expect me to actually come in on my work at home days.  I will if I *have* to, but it really messes with my...*ahem*....other activities (workouts).

Workouts were light.  I think I was on my bike all of once.  Two masters swims and a swim lesson.  A few easy runs.  Oh, the swim lesson went well! She gave me a few key things to work on.  As expected, it's proving difficult to change my heavily ingrained habits.  Especially at masters when I'm trying to keep up with my lane mates.  But I'm working on it.  I've been instructed to drop down a lane once a week at masters and do some serious work on ingraining the new, good habits.  We even worked on some breast stroke and some butterfly at the lesson.  Butterfly with fins=pretty fun. Don't get me wrong, it was still freakin' hard.  But kinda fun too.  Overall I really liked the instructor.  She has a way of putting things that keeps it simple and just makes sense.  So I'll probably work on things for a while and go back for a tune-up eventually.  Plenty to work on for the time being tho.

I had one easy brick (my one bike ride).  Just a little 20 minute easy run after the ride.  My day got away from me and I ended up running close to dark.  I had my headlamp tho, so no sweat right?  Evidently not so much.  I was a couple of blocks from home, running along, then looked away from the side walk for a second to check out some traffic.  Next thing I know I'm laying on the ground.  Whaaaa?  How did *that* happen?  Evidently I caught my foot just right on a raised part of the sidewalk.  And down I went.  I caught most of my weight on my left knee/hip. I hobbled home and put ice on it right away, but a nice little egg swelled up on my knee anyway.  At this point, a few days later, I've got a nice bruise and it tightens up when I sit still too long.  But I think I'll survive.

My last workout of the week was my run test, which I'm not terribly good at.  I have pacing issues, in that I have no idea where to start so that I don't die towards the end of the 20 min test.  Last time I tested, back in November, I went out waaaaay too hard for the fitness level I was at then.  And got slower and slower.  Not good.  This time I swung in the opposite direction.  I went out a bit too conservatively and kicked it up in the second half.  Kicked it up quite a bit....for me anyway.  So while I'm pretty happy with the improvement I've made since November, I think it could have been an even bigger improvement if I hadn't taken it quite so easy to begin with.   Maybe, just *maybe* I'll get to test once more before the tri season gets going.  In the meantime I can work some more on my run form, and get my legs ready for my 8k in about 3 weeks.

Sunday morning I took Bam out for a hike at Garin.  It was a bit muddy, and bound to get worse since we're expecting more rain again this week.  I know we need it, but the sunshine over the weekend sure was nice.  We took a little side trail I hadn't been on before and Bam took of a bit ahead of me.  She usually goes a bit ahead, then comes back to check on me, or waits for me to catch up.  At one point I came around a corner and she's standing in the trail, hackles up, issuing a low growl.  It really startled me....there *are* mountain lions around.  I stopped and tried to look all around.  And then I saw it.....cows.  Four small cows.  At least I hope that's what she was growling at.  There is certainly no love lost between my girl and the cows out there.  She's never forgotten being chased by one and holds them all responsible.  Just to be safe, in case it *wasn't* cows she saw, I decided it was time to head back towards the main trail.  Where there were more people.  And fewer mountain lions.

Digging for....I dunno...truffles?

Wrapped up the weekend with a movie (Invictus), some house cleaning, some resting, some baking (Oreo cupcake anyone?), and a peek at the Grammy Awards.  Now, back to work!

January summary:
swim: 10.83 hours
bike: 11.61 hours
run: 9.13 hours
strength: 9.0 hours
grand total: 40.34 hours


ShirleyPerly said...

Sorry to hear about the fall! Sounds very much like something I'd do, as does not knowing how to pace myself well for a 20-min hard run test. I think that's why I'm not fond of 5Ks, unless just running it for fun.

Nice January numbers!

Jo Lynn said...

I would *love* an oreo cookie cupcake, thank you very much! ;)

jennabul said...

Great job on the run test. I feel the same way, it is so hard to know how to start out so you don't fall down before the end of the test! Sounds like you nailed it though. The next one will be even better! Sorry about the fall =(.

Pamela said...

Oreo cupcakes sounds really good about now! Hope your knee is healing up OK. Maybe Bam is training to become a drug sniffing dog? Or maybe a cadaver dog!!! Or maybe she was just digging cause that's what dogs do. Love Ya