Sunday, January 10, 2010

Be careful what you ask for

I wrapped up the workout week with a rest day today.  Funny...I didn't accomplish nearly as much as I thought I might.   Ah well....the dust bunnies will wait.  At least I got the small dog that was scattered around my house vacuumed up.

Work was a wee bit crazy this week as a lot of meeting prep was going on.  Next week it could go either way.  If all goes well at the meeting, it will be *very* quiet all week.  If not, all hell could break loose.  Let's hope for 'well', shall we? :)

Weight is back to where I was pre-holiday binge.  From where I'm sitting now, I'd like to drop another 5-7, I think.  It may be time for another dunk test to see where I am body fat percentage-wise.  It's really more about getting leaner than getting my weight down.

Workout-wise, it seems I'm getting into the thick of things to get my sorry self back on track.  About 9-1/4 hours all together, pretty evenly distributed between swim/bike/run/strength.  This week also marked my first week as an "official" master's swimmer.  I finally signed up and, wow...even went twice!  In one week!  I don't know why I was so reluctant.  Yes, I have been one of the slowest in my lane....and I'm in one of the slower lanes.....but no one has laughed at me...yet.  The people have been really nice, including the coach.  I almost revised this on Thursday when he bumped me down a lane, but it turned out okay.  He said that all 4 of us were swimming about the same pace, and we might as well have 2 per lane rather than be all bunched up.  Yeah, the other girl in my lane and I then proceeded to dust the lane with 2 guys for the main set.  Not that it was a competition or anything.  No, of course not.

So remember how I've been saying, for a while, that I want to work on my biking in particular this year?? While it hasn't been bad so week seems to have a bike focus.  And some of it looks, shall we say, painful.  But from what I hear, that is what it will take to build some biking legs.  In return, those biking legs will allow me to have some running legs too.  That's the plan anyway.  So right now I say...bring on the pain.....but check back in a few days.  I may be crying like a little girl.

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jennabul said...

If anyone laughs at you at masters (unless you make a joke) I would pick a new team. Sometimes lifetime swimmers forget what it was like to learn how to swim, so we don't appreciate how truly hard it is. But I have never seen anyone laugh at a newbie. We're always happy to add to our ranks. As long as you have good lane etiquette! =) Good for you and good luck!