Sunday, September 13, 2009


I spent this house, seeing a movie, walking my dog. Why yes, yes it is the weekend just before my biggest Kona training week. I was supposed to do a 2.4 mile OW swim on Saturday, and a bike test/run on Sunday. But...I was grounded.

My rest week had not been very restful it seems. Work conspired to take away some of my rest and my body just didn't seem to want to recover from the workouts I *did* have. My HR was too high on my run on Wednesday, not bad for my bike on Thursday, but my Friday run brought not only a higher than expected HR (for what was a decidedly crappy effort), but also shin pain. New shin pain. Well...not *new* shin....*new* pain.....but you knew that. So my trusty, trusty coach said, "You're grounded." Okay, she actually said something like, don't do the swim, and stretch, stretch, stretch, ice, ice, ice the calf/shin, you need more rest, etc.

So Saturday was spent running errands, taking the dog for a long walk and vegging out. Which as it turns out was okay because the swim was canceled. We had a very unusual (for us) thunder/lightening/rain storm come through Friday night and although it had mostly passed through the area by Saturday morning, they canceled the swim anyway.

I did want to do the bike test. Had been looking forward to it. Had my route all planned out. But big picture has to be getting to the line at Kona healthy. Take care of the body now and it will take care of me later. At least that's what I hope.

I'll be testing out that theory this week to be sure. This is the last big push for Kona. A bit over 15 hours, including a 6-7 hour "Kona simulation" ride on Sunday. Each section has been laid out by coach. XX min of flat, XX min of inclines with tail wind, XX min of climbing, XX min coming back down, etc. I'm planning to head to Livermore on Sunday for this one. Projected temp for Sunday...92. Perfect. Bring it. Let's go. I'm ready.

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