Sunday, January 18, 2009

So what's up?

Let's see...what's been going on in the last week.
  • I had an epiphany when I went to see my PT and my shoulder was in a bad place again. I realized that I sleep on that shoulder and have been instructed to change my sleeping habits. Any idea how hard that is? So my sleep has been less stellar than usual this week. Sigh.
  • Work, although (and I don't want to say this *too* loudly) there is a slight lull in the volume lately. Whew, about time.
  • I took my Bamber dog for.....acupuncture. I know, I know. But it can't hurt right? I really don't want to have to keep her on Rimadyl indefinitely and every time I've tried to wean her off, her neck issues come back. Even tho the ortho couldn't find anything structurally wrong. So I took her to see the vet that the ortho recommended. She does chiro and acupuncture and I really like her. We're going to try a few treatments and see how Ms. Bam does with it. I'm optimistic. I'm tempted to try some acupuncture myself.
  • I've been a bit depressed about my lack of progress in my swimming. Even with some lessons under my belt, I don't feel like I'm going anywhere any faster than I used to. Altho, I must say my backstroke is about 100% better. Right, T? :-)
  • With the return of more regular training, my appetite has come roaring back. I don't think I'm going to be losing any weight any time soon. Mmmm, cupcakes. (BTW ~ Sprinkles is *WAY* better than Kara's IMHO. The red velvet is delicious....and the coconut is pretty good too....and the pumpkin......yeah, I got a pretty good sampling. They have different flavors on different days and now I feel a need to get back and try the lemon. Mmmmmm)
  • No long run this week as I was doing some shorter 'speed' test type stuff. Back to long runs in the near future...lest that brother of mine get way out front in the training sphere. ;-)
Yep, that's about it in my little neck of the woods. Keepin' busy as usual I guess. Less than 3 months to the Illinois Marathon! Yikes!

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