Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Run and run some more

Tina and I hit the road on Sunday with pups in tow. Okay, okay, they weren't technically in 'tow' as they were off leash. And I guess technically if they were on leash, WE would have been in tow. Whatever...we were running along with our dogs. Tina was to do 1:00 and I had to add an extra 15 minutes. We were schedule for a nice slow run, which you *have* to love. Slow=me to a tee. I was going to leave Bam with Tina while I did my extra 15 minutes, as I didn't want to push her too much, even tho she *has* been friskier lately. (Either the acupuncture is working, or my imagination is making her extra frisky :-)

Nothing spectacular to report from the run. We did our one hour, Bam was more than happy to wait with Tina, while Teva thought it would be fun to keep running with me. So we swapped dogs. Tina said some folks gave her *quite* the disgusted?/shocked? look when she yelled after me "Oh, just take her." I guess maybe they didn't know we were together and thought Tina was chucking away her dog.

Finished up the extra 15 minutes and that was one more run down. One item of note...I was stupid enough to forget my salt tablets and ended up with a raging headache. Sigh. I have to get myself in gear and get a routine down so I stop forgetting this stuff.

Today was a hill repeat day. Hill repeats while keeping the HR from skyrocketing. Quite a challenge actually. This weekend I finally bump my mileage up into double digits. I definitely won't be taking Bam, no matter how frisky she might be, as that would be just too much. I hope it's not too much for me. Wish me luck.

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fishsprout said...

She can come with me on my *gasp* 50 minute run... don't hate. :)