Saturday, January 10, 2009

So this is what it feels like to feel old

Yep, I feel old today.

"Was it the long run?" you ask. Nope.
"Was it having lunch with a friend of the family who has known your mom since 2nd grade?" you ask. Nope
"Was it trekking all over the hills of SF looking for a cupcake shop?" you ask. Nope.

I'll tell you what it was. After trekking to Ghirardelli square to track down Kara's Cupcakes (sadly they were just ok, not great like I expected), we decided to take the cable car back to the BART station. We waited in line, finally got on the cable car and Jeff scored a seat while I stood in front of him. Better he should sit with his bad back. There was a young couple sitting next to him, can probably see what's coming.....the young man says to me, as he stands up, "Would you like to sit down, ma'am?" I almost turned around to see who he was talking to when it sunk in that he was talking to me. MA'AM?!?!?! Kid, you just stabbed me in the heart. I could see Jeff snickering out of the corner of my eye as I said "No, really, I'm fine, but thanks very much." Yeah, I know....the young man was just being very polite, but really, seriously, "ma'am"?!?! Ouch. Way to make me feel ancient.

Training update: 1.5 hour run today. With some speedwork thrown in for good measure. All in all I covered 8.5 miles at an average of 10:44/mile. It might just be me (or the fact that Rob had a 10 miler this weekend on his training schedule) but it seems like I should be covering more than 8.5 miles at this point. But, I'll give the schedule the benefit of the doubt and keep at it. Come April 11th though, it better pay off or I'm gonna' be one sad puppy.


fishsprout said...

Ma'am. You need to trust the schedule. It will all come together! :)

Rob said...

Did you have your cane with you, or was it the walker with the tennis balls on the bottom? ;-)