Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Weekend Recap

After working until almost midnight on Wednesday night I just couldn't drag myself out of bed for the 10k Turkey Trot that I was *completely* untrained or prepared for. Darn. So continues my wallowing in work and lack of any sort of exercise what-so-ever.

Jeff, Bam, and I had a quiet Thanksgiving. We went for a 3-ish mile hike (no that's not really exercise). After which we treated ourselves to Starbucks. Bam shared my gingy bread man. Then I popped the turkey in the oven, watched the end of Miracle on 34th Street, and did some house cleaning. We enjoyed a nice dinner in which my poor dog watched me pull all the meat off the turkey and then, of all things, throw the carcass in the trash. I'm sure she was plotting a way to get to it. I briefly considered tossing it in the yard and letting her out, but only briefly.

Friday we packed up the truck and took off on a road trip to Buttonwillow. Dog and all. We got to the hotel and the creepiest guy was working the desk. Don't ask me how, but somehow the topic turned to how this guy has a farm or something and killed his own turkey for thanksgiving. And then I got the story about how he has pigs and slaughters them as well, but not in the summer. Because of the flies you know. And how his daughter wants to be a vet and tells people that she loves animals and her dad kills them. Hello?!?! Did I just step into some kind of horror movie or what?!?! I won't bore you with the complete conversation, but oh yes, there was MORE. WHAT.THE.HELL.

Luckily the topic FINALLY came around to how big my dog was (supposedly for check-in purposes, but I think he was trying to decide if he could take out me and the dog, or if the dog would be a problem). I said, "Oh, pretty good size. About 70 pounds. All muscle. Her nickname is Killer." Okay, maybe I didn't say that exactly, but he did write down "Big Dog" on the sign-in paper. I escaped with my room key and as soon as we had everything in the room, I put all the locks on and told Jeff about creepy guy. Good thing we had our BIG guard dog. Who promptly staked her claim to one of the two beds, even tho I had carried her dog bed in, and went to sleep. Some guard dog.

We came home Sunday without too much traffic and got ready to start the week. I can't believe I have to actually work 5 days in a row. What's that about? Ah well, about 3 more weeks and it'll be Christmas break. So looking forward to it.

Hope y'all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and are out there stimulating the economy.

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