Tuesday, June 24, 2008

One two three...breathe

I think things might be clicking for me in the pool. I've been doing some drills and working on my form. At this point I have to swim *very* slowly to keep nice form and have to remind myself of the things I'm supposed to work on, but I hope that in time those things will become second nature.

I had pulled a workout out of handy little waterproof swim workout book I bought, but sadly I woke up so late that I decided to just swim and swim and work on my biggest flaws. Start with the biggest ones and move on to the rest later. So , I did a lot of pulling with a buoy intermingled with a bunch of laps working on keeping the good and chucking the bad stuff. My main things for focus today....breathing and recovery.

Breathing ~ When breathing to the right, only the right goggle should be out of the water, and on the left only the left goggle. I'm much better on the right than the left so I did a bunch of drills only breathing to one side, then alternating. All the while trying to keep only one eye popping above the water line.

Recovery ~ Worked on high elbow, relaxed arm recovery. I tend to work way too hard on the recovery part of the stroke. Amazing how much less effort it seems to be when I let my arms relax for part of the time.

So I managed to put in a good effort with 3400 yards completed. So much for rest eh?

Hopefully some of it will stick when we do our next tri. Sadly, the pool is so much different than the open water situation that I tend to go back to my flail and gasp stroke as soon as the 'gun' goes off. Swimming sure seemed a lot easier when I was a kid. :-)


Phil said...

"At this point I have to swim *very* slowly to keep nice form"

me too!!

mentheboys said...

I swam for the first time in the lake yesterday... NOT good... I should just stick to the pool so much easier. Now I am having swimming anxiety instead of biking anxiety (prior to the tri on July 19) Bill built a road bike using a specialized allez frame sooo much better to ride on the road than the trek mountain bike with smaller tires. Any tips to decrease the anxiety would be appreciated. aunt pat