Wednesday, August 01, 2012


  • Three and a half weeks out from Canada.  So excited.  So freaked out.  So much to do!  The biggest question at the moment....will my last tub of Perform drink mix make it thru this last big bike ride and taper?  Inquiring minds want to know.
  • I'm finally getting the hang of my new work situation.  And I have to ask....why didn't I do this sooner?!?!  Oh yeah...change is scary.
  • I was *this* close to getting another dog.  And then realized how mad Bam would be.  So, no new dog right now.  Yes, she's spoiled rotten.  Yes, I made her that way.  And it's too late to change things now.
  • I had no choice but to (finally) clean my pig stye of a house last weekend. Luckily it was a rest week. 
  •  My stepson and three of his friends stopped over for a night on their road trip (hence the house cleaning).  Good kids all.
  • Olympics obsession....I've got it.  But I've been pretty good about shutting the TV off at our regular bed time.  Especially since the results have typically been spoiled prior to actually watching.  
  • Altho the husband gives me a hard time about looking "like a boy", I'm liking the short hair.  So freakin' easy.  Nothing to tuck into a swim cap.  Nothing hanging in my eyes.  Wash and wear (even more than before). 
  • I'm starting to put my Canada race plan on "paper".  Some goals not based on time, like keeping up with nutrition on the bike so I'm set for the run, and also my time goals.  Which are going to be pretty loose, since I have no idea what the course is really like.  Or what the weather will be like.  So many variables.
  • 4 days 'till taper!  And really only one more BIG day (Sunday, another century+ ride).  
  • I got a protective skin for my new lap top. The one on the bottom is a HUGE Bam face. Awesome.

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Molly said...

Bam! What a face

I'm trying desperately to make my nutrition supplies last too. I think if I can make it through this weekend, I will manage.