Tuesday, May 29, 2012

almost show time

Um, wow, where has the time gone?  I last posted that there were less than 30 days until Honu.  And here we are almost at race day.  Yikes!  And Woo Hoo! 

This is the worst part for me tho.  The few days prior where there's just a lot of waiting for race day to get here.  Get here already.  Could you just hurry up and get here? 

My race plan has been submitted and subsequently modified by coach.  Turns out this course may be even tougher than I had already read/heard/pictured.  Choppy, non-wetsuit legal swim.  Hilly, windy bike.  Hot, humid, grass/trail/beach hilly run.  *gulp*   A lot of how "quickly" I can cover the course will depend on the weather.  And I'll just have to take what I can get in that department. It's ok....I got this. I am trained. I have a plan. And while I may not be able to pull a half iron PR out of the bag on this course, I'll consider the day a success if I give it everything I've got.  And don't die of dehydration.  That will be a plus.  

At least there will be a week of recovery time after the race.  And while the day after won't find me on the beach with a fruity drink in hand (coach's recommendation), it will find me on a boat with my feet up having a nice long nap.  At least until the reel starts to sing.  Then I'll have picture duty as Jeff (hopefully) snags a big marlin.  Catch and release folks, catch and release. 

I need to suck up all the R&R I can while we're on the island.  I took a peek at my workout calendar for the week after we get back and I *really* shouldn't have.  Full on IM training indeed.  Or as coach says "BIG IM TRAINING WEEK".  One day at a a time.......


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Molly said...

I'm very excited for you!!! Have a great trip and soak up all the island relaxation you can. Oh and you know kick ass at that whole race thing too. Sure seems like everyone I know is out there to race so you're in good company.

When in doubt on race day, repeat after me "Canada will not be this hot/humid. Canada will not be this hot/humid."