Sunday, April 01, 2012


Another block of work finished up! 

I had written ELF earlier in the week and may have mentioned that I think she needed to work me harder, as I've been feeling really good.  Of course, the very next bike workout had me hanging my head over my aerobars in recovery with Jeff coming in and asking "Are you dying in here?!?!"  But in general I really have been feeling good.  It's a bit of a confidence boost to know that I can  put in some hard work and my body is recovering well from it.

This weekend was long run Saturday followed by long ride Sunday.  It *was* flipped, but with the storm blowing through on Saturday, I swapped them out.  I'd much rather run in the rain/wind than ride in the rain/wind.  At least I thought so until the deluge started 30 min into my long run.  By the time I made it home 70 minutes later, I was a drowned rat.  A drowned rat that couldn't even feel my fingers enough to untie my shoes.  Who needs an ice bath at that point?!?!  I hopped in the shower, we had some brunch, and naturally the weather cleared up and stayed that way for the rest of the day.  Classic case of bad timing. 

Sunday dawned sunshiny, if a bit chilly and windy.  Molly and I had been trying to make arrangements to meet up for a long ride, so I had her come up my way on Sunday.  She's just a smidgen behind me schedule-wise, since her half iron is a couple weeks after Honu.  I rode for about an hour before we met up, which allowed me to restock the vast supply of liquids needed for this sweaty girl.  And with instructions to start over-dressing in an attempt to get my body used to the warmer temps I'll be experiencing in Hawaii, I definitely needed the fluids.  It turned out to be a beautiful day for a ride.  And except for the fact that I didn't pay enough attention to how hard I was (or wasn't in this case) working, it was a great day out there. 

(Thanks to Molly for being the official photographer!  She's just been nominated to have those duties for the year. :)

 Heading out Niles Canyon.

More gorgeous scenery on Niles Canyon.

One of my least favorite parts of Niles Canyon, due to the lack of any real
shoulder and lots of traffic.  It may look like a wide shoulder, but there's actually a curb
just to the inside of the white line. 

 One more big ride wrapped up!

With my big workout block finished up, and my big work project too, I'm off to enjoy my rest week.  And yes, I'll even enjoy that bike test on the schedule.  I look forward to the least until I'm in the midst of it.  Then you'll most likely find me cursing and Jeff asking "Are you dying in there?!?!"  I am if I'm doing it right.  

Oh, and I should mention....that ride?  About 4 hours and only some very small complaints from my bits towards the very end.   I'd say we have a winner in the saddle search, wouldn't you?  (Adamo Typhoon for those wondering.)

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

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Molly said...

Yay, congrats for finishing the big block! I hope ELF doesn't "bring it" too hard for your next one LOL

And I'm happy to do photo duties, I've gotten really good at it over the past few years!