Tuesday, March 13, 2012

check up

With all the body work I've been doing lately (what am I, a car?), especially on the shoulder, I want to get a check up. On my swim stroke. It's time to see if my shoulder is the chicken or the egg. Shoulder pain causing swim stroke inefficiency or vice versa?

So I've scheduled a check up with the swim pro at Burgess. Hopefully she can give me some ideas and I can start to see some improvement in the pool. 

I know I should probably check out another Masters group too. The ones I've swam (swum?) with in the past have not really worked out. There sure don't seem to be any close to me either. As with most other things (shopping, grocery stores, restaurants) my town is evidently the third rail. Nobody wants to touch it. Oh, except "supposedly" we're finally getting a Whole Foods.....next year. 

Anyway, I digress, as usual. 

This weekend I will have a swim check up.  As long as the thunder and lightning don't make an appearance.  Oy.

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Jennifer said...

A good swim checkup is worthwhile! I want to do one with underwater video.

Re: saddle, I tried 3 different Adamos. 2 of them didn't work... the Typhoon is much wider and the pressure points are in a different place than any other saddle I've tried. My guy said that he hasn't found a woman who didn't like this one.