Tuesday, March 08, 2011

And she shall be known as


Why Trinity?

  • swim/bike/run....trinity.....no brainer there.
  • Trinity from the Matrix (which I was re-watching the other day on the trainer).  She is one *tough* cookie.  Tough enough that I can forgive her for falling for the moron Neo.  After all, it's not really her fault....the Oracle predicted it, so it had to come true, right?  YES, I know I am a total sci fi geek.
  • and there is some element of faith to the name Trinity (father, son, holy spirit).  And while I'm not inclined to the religious kind of faith, it's a good reminder to have faith in myself and my abilities.
So Trinity and I hit the pavement today for the first time. Well...luckily we didn't actually *hit* the pavement...we kept the rubber side down.  Just a little 'easy' spinning.  And I have to say, she and I will need to work out our quirks.  Like, I *really* have to work on relaxing my shoulders down and letting my weight settle on the aero bar pads.  If I don't the front end feels a bit less stable to me. I was told that tri bikes are built to expect a larger portion of the weight distribution to fall on the front, so maybe that's why.

I was watching (okay, slightly admiring) my shadow as I rode along the path.  Nice flat back, nice bike profile.  I know, not just a sci-fi geek, but a tri geek too.  I contemplated pulling my iPhone out of my jersey pocket and snapping a picture, but as I'm still working on being able to eat/drink while riding the new bike, I didn't think that would be too good an idea.  Falling or dropping the phone....neither would be good outcomes.

It was nice to get at least one little ride in outside before the race this weekend tho.

Wait!  What!?!?  Yes!  It's race week!  My duathlon is coming up on Sunday.  According to instructions received from coach, it's going to be painful.  Well, at least if I do it right. 

Let's get the season started!

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Molly said...

I'm so excited to hear how your 1st race of the year goes - especially with a spiffy new bike! Good luck!!!