Sunday, June 27, 2010

Trek Women's Tri

Is it just me or does she look less than thrilled?

I decided, kind of last minute....altho not last minute enough (more on this in a bit), to sign up for the Trek Women's Tri. 

A while back an email came through for a $20 discount for a new tri in the area, the Trek Women's Tri.  It was only a couple weeks after one of my "A" races for the year, so I wasn't sure I was up for it.  But there were some perks: Tina was doing the race, the discount, and a tech t for starters.  I got the 'ok' from coach to race it altho was informed that it would be one of those races I'd train no taper going into it.  Okay, no problem, I'll just race it to race it and see what happens.  Yeah, cuz we all know that I'm not competitive *at all* and could do a race just to have fun.  Uh huh, yep, that sure *sounds* like me. (exaggerated eye roll inserted here)

Time goes by, I'm all signed up, looking forward to a short sprint, when some troubling information starts to circulate.  First is the news that Trek was offering $1 registration for this race.  Uhhhh, okay.  So instead of being rewarded for signing up early, I just got penalized to the tune of $64.  Niiiiiiice.  Second was the lack of course information...or any race information at all.  Until about a week before the race when I started getting something practically every day from them.  Third was the 'approximate' distances shown for the course, as well as changing distances.  I'm pretty sure the race was set up as a 400 yd swim, 12 mile bike, 3.1 mile run.  But it somehow, for *some* reason, turned into an 'all distances approximate' 1/2 mile swim, 12 mile bike, 3 mile run.  Huh.  That's a new one.....'all distances approximate.'  Okay, whatever, it has to be close to those distances right?  Yeah, you'd think.

Just a few more pet peeves about this race.  And no, I don't think I'll be doing it again, but you never know. 
  • Lack of buoys on the swim course.  For what was supposed to be a half mile swim (okay, okay, approximately), there were 2 buoys.  Yes, 2.  One at each turn of the rectangular shaped swim course. Oh, and the swim start was directly into the sun.  So for about 1/4 of the swim it was the blind leading the blind.  Straight into the sun, straining for any kind of buoy sighting.
  • Poor transition set up.  The racks were set up by wave and there was a distinct advantage to being in an early wave.  The swim in was thru the back of transition, but the bike out, bike in, and run out were all at the front.  I was somewhere midway thru, but those poor ladies at the back had to run the entire length of transition 3 times.  Not exactly fair.
  • I get the 'girl power' thing. Seriously, I do.  I'm the one who used to be all pinked out on the bike, remember?!?!  But enough already.  I don't need a cheerleader at the start of the swim telling me how I'm an 'awesome' swimmer, and when I get to the bike that I'll be an 'awesome' cyclist, 'awesome' runner, 'awesome' triathlete.  Awesome, awesome, awesome.  And then instruct me to hug, double high five, whatever, the people around me while announcing "You go girlfriend!".  Please.  A touch more testosterone at races may not be a bad thing.
And yes, I get that I am most likely not Trek's target audience with this race.  Altho...wait a's the Trek WOMEN's triathlon, so yes, yes, I guess I *would* be the target for this race.  But you know what I mean.  I think they're trying to make the race as woman-beginner-triathlete friendly as possible but it was a bit overdone.

Actual performance on the race?  A decent, not stellar effort.  4th/50 in my age group.  24/268 overall. Yes, I will take that.  I had some struggles on the run, definitely not putting out the best effort there.  Each race though, I learn how to push myself a little more.  Push in different ways.  Gain experience, knowledge, and confidence. 

You may remember the goal was to 'blow up' on the bike.  And according to the race results, I hit 23+ mph on the bike split.  So you'd think I'd have accomplished that goal, no?  Sadly, no.  I knew something was off.  There's no *way* I rode that fast for 12 miles.  And as it turns out, I didn't.  I rode for just under 10 miles.  Uh huh, that 'approximate' bike distance was more than 2 miles short.  Which still makes for my fastest bike split yet, but there's obviously work left to do.  And if there wasn't work left to do why would I still be doing this?  It's the challenge of pushing myself that makes it hard, makes it fun, makes it worth investing the time and effort.  You go out there, you try your best, and once in a all comes together for a great race.  That's the frosting.

From here we move on to some longer stuff.  Half Iron race is on the horizon, so start going long.  Gradually adding time and distance to the swimming and biking and running.  Start it off with an Independence Day brick.  What better way to celebrate than a 2.5 hour bike ride followed by a 30 minute run?!?  Hmmm....I need to start planning some long ride routes......

But next up....10k in two weeks.  My last 10k was in September of 2008, so here's hoping for a new PR!  May be tough, as its not a flat course, but I'll give it my all.  And maybe I'll get some frosting. :)

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Molly said...

Wow, and there I *was* thinking about this race for next year. After reading the reports from you and Tina, maybe not!

Great job anyway on pushing yourself and placing so high! Can't wait to see you in 2 weeks at the run race!