Sunday, March 21, 2010

Nothing much

Nothing spectacular to report these days.

Well, one thing, and maybe not quite 'spectacular' but......I had a bike test this weekend.  For some reason these tests still get me a wee bit anxious.  Too much type-A, I guess.  Or maybe I just feel like I'm really working towards getting stronger and faster and I'm afraid I won't see that registered in the tests.  I try not to get too stressed out about them, but I only get so far with that.  Anyway, after pushing myself to light-headedness with a pinch of nausea thrown in for good measure (both of which made the 'hard' intervals on the run off the bike *so* much fun), I sent off my data for analysis by super-coach Liz.  When you get an email back from your coach with lots of capital letters and exclamation points, it's a good thing.  I like to read these aloud to Jeff, just to reinforce how tough I truly am in case he forgets.  At which point he usually asks if my head fits through the door anymore. Hey, it's nice for hard work to be recognized and appreciated. So, yes, my bike test went very well thankyouverymuch and I continue to make progress getting stronger and faster.  Which is good, as my first tri of the year has quickly snuck up on me and is a few short weeks away.

I had a consult with the nutritionist this week too and we came to a mutual conclusion that I probably shouldn't drop my weight much more.  Or more to the point, she doesn't think I should go much lower with my body fat.  A little would probably be okay, but she says I'm at the point where if I go too much lower it could start affecting my recovery/performance. And since I've been feeling good and doing well with training and racing, I'm probably at a good point for my body.  Now I just have to convince myself that this is *not* a license to binge and I should be fine.'s not a diet, it's a lifestyle change.  Just channeling the Biggest Loser there for a moment.

That's all the excitement I have for now. Unless you count hitting up the Gap for some new jeans.  And at 30% off too.  With 5% donated back to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Now that's a deal.

Happy Spring! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


Molly said...

Congrats on rocking your bike test!!!! I KNOW how hard those are! I have one later this week *gulp*

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, your coach sounds tough. I find races stressful enough already and am not sure I'd want to have periodic performance tests in addition. Glad to hear your bike test went well!!

Jo Lynn said...

I have not been to the Gap for jeans since I started at REI. New jeans sounds exciting to me. LOL

Looking forward to some time on the bike with you tomorrow. ;)