Friday, March 12, 2010


After last week's blah-ness, I am happy to report that this week the workouts have come a little easier.  There hasn't been nearly as much, if any, coercion required to get my butt moving.  And the bike and run seem to be coming along nicely.  Both will be 'tested' in the next week.  A 5k run on Sunday to see how fleet my feet may be.  And a bike test next week to see how fast my wheels can spin.

The swim.....ah, the swim.  While I haven't had a problem getting to the swim workouts, or keeping myself there, I am still quite frustrated.  There's an additional component to the frustration however.  All these shoulder problems I've been having, I *think*, are affecting my swim.  Or my swim is having an effect on my shoulder.  I'm not sure seems to be a chicken and egg kind of thing.  Is my swim form "bad" and therefore causing shoulder issues?  Or do my shoulder issues cause a hitch in my swim?  Most likely it's a feedback loop.  There are issues with the shoulder joint, which in turn affect my swim stroke, which in turn affects the shoulder.  *sigh*  Google has only served to confirm what the PT is already working on....shoulder impingement.  Slouched posture when sitting + hyper-mobile shoulder joint + underdeveloped lat strength compared to pec strength =  bad news for shoulder socket.  So I continue to work on strengthening the rotator cuff, sitting up straight, etc.  The tingling down the arm is much improved, but obviously still a ways to go.  So, yeah, frustrating.

But it's FRIDAY, and so we shall eat, drink, and be merry...oh, well, maybe I'll save the drinking for after the 5k.  That would be a fitting finish to a St. Patty's race, no?  Happy weekend!


Molly said...

Good luck on Sunday!!!!!! Run like you stole it!!

Pamela said...

I can't believe that in just a month the Vineman happens! It seems just like yesterday! Then you got your exciting news after that! Sure you don't want to try again? Hope your shoulder gets in shape soon. Miss You

ShirleyPerly said...

Hope your 5K goes well this weekend. I had some annoying shoulder issues last year that were helped with strength training and also some tweaks to my swim stroke. I hope you start seeing some improvement soon.