Wednesday, February 17, 2010

T minus 3

Three days until my first event of 2010!  Wheeeeeee.  Yes, there is excitement in the air. And there is also a twinge of nervousness.  Maybe more than a twinge.  I have an ambitious goal in mind for myself for the 8k on Saturday.  I need to remember that it's a goal....if I don't make it this time, there will be another chance.  In that light, perhaps I need an "A" goal and a "B" goal.  A=ambitious, B=backup?  Okay, I now have two goals in mind.  There, wasn't that easy?  Hopefully they aren't both too ambitious.

Workouts have been going well.  I feel like I'm getting stronger and maybe, just maybe getting a little speedier (hence the overly ambitious goal).  I've had a few bricks in the last couple of weeks and the running off the bike is....well...running.  My version of running anyway.  Altho the default settings in my Garmin seem to think it's a 'fast jog' or 'slow run'.  Whatever. Yes, I know it's shorter stuff.  Nothing like IM training. (And right now I say "Woo Hoo for that!")  But it's nice to feel like I come off the bike now with my legs somewhat intact even if it's only for 20-30 minutes at a pop.  I'll take it.  Progress is progress. Gotta' start somewhere.

Weight is hovering on a precipice.  I am a hair away from my goal.  Now I want to lower my goal.  Of course.  Classic "me."  I just don't know how low I should go.  I have a body fat dunk test all scheduled up for 2 weeks from Saturday.  That will give me more info and then maybe it's time to talk to the nutritionist again.  I've been pretty happy with the results she's helped me get so far.  Amazingly I'm not starving, altho I do get hungry quite often. Or "HUNGRY!" as I text'd to dear hubby just last night. But I mostly eat sensibly, indulge occasionally, and try to balance it all out.  Not rocket science by any means.

On the entertainment front, I've been indulging my inner couch potato and soaking up Olympic coverage.  Altho, it's at times like these that I would kill for either cable TV, Tivo, or both.  Can not *believe* the amount of commercials they show on NBC.   I have to admit that I fell asleep during the opening ceremonies.  Sorry, just not as exciting as Beijing. 

We skipped last night's coverage to catch Billy Joel and Elton John in concert at the HP Pavilion.  This is the second time we've seen them together and they do put on a fantastic show.  Both were musically entertaining, but Billy Joel was also just plain entertaining.  Quite a few jokes about his age, including some seemingly unintentional 'senior moments' when he couldn't remember the name of one of his albums.  They started out playing piano facing each other, alternating who's song they were singing, and alternating stanzas of the songs for 4-5 songs.  Then John played for about an hour, then Joel for about an hour, then back together again for 4-5 songs.  And even tho I joked about skipping out after Elton John was finished, I ended up enjoying the whole thing quite a bit.  A fun night out, but as I said to Jeff, "I'm getting too old for these late nights."  His response?  "Maybe you're just getting old."  Smart ass.  I did have to laugh tho.

But man, am I tired now.  Maybe tonight we skip some of the Olympics and hit the hay a little early.  After all, I need to rest up for my big Saturday!

*** Breaking news.....questions to coach, and answers back, have me revising my goal a bit.  I was definitely overly ambitious.  With this new goal in mind, I'll just leave it all out there and do my best!  C'mon Saturday! :)


Jo Lynn said...

Good luck Saturday! I hope it goes well for you. ;)

fishsprout said...

Woop. I just know it'll be a PR. I'm a psychic bad ass like that!

Molly said...

Good luck on Saturday! Rock it!!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Did my first hard speed intervals tonight and I'm wondering too if I was over ambitious with my first-ever 10K goal ....

Look forward to hearing how your race goes. Best of luck!